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Drone is the perfect tool to capture aerial photos and videos for any surveys, urban locations, construction sites, and tourist locations with our professional drone operators are trusted and fully equipped with professional experience in the industry. Our team has the necessary skills and training to deliver high quality output.

Lens of Life values you. Our services root out from our customer-centric value. Success comes from taking the time to understand your goals. Tell us what you hope to achieve and let us bring your vision to life!

CAAP / rpas Certificate

Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) ensures safe and efficient air transport and regulatory services in the Philippines. We make sure that all deployed operators have RPAS Controller Certificate. This certifies that our drone operators are legally registered under the said agency to give you peace of mind when documenting your site. 

Securing Permit To Fly is getting easier. 


fast turnaround time

In Lens of Life, we value your time. Project completion is a breeze because of easy scheduling and quick turnaround. We make sure to deliver your photos and videos; we operate at peak efficiency. 

We guarantee to bring out breathtaking photos and videos of your project. Every shot counts!

seamless order process

We make the order process seamless on your end. Our order process features flexible and fully customizable packages to ensure that what you get is specifically tailored to your unique aerial drone photography needs. 


Let us handle your aerial drone projects - simply describe your project to us, and we’ll handle the rest!


Our commitment is to deliver high-caliber output that you can confidently flaunt - that is why we ensure that we snap in different styles and angles.


Allow us to highlight the greatest features of your property with great consideration to high quality photos and videos for your progress reports, timelapse, and other services. Real-time documentation of each step of your progress towards success.

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