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Stories waiting to unfold. Lens of Life provide a multi-faceted angle to your stories. Our team, composed of professional photographers, with years of experience in the industry, is dedicated to offer affordable packages to cater all your photography and videography needs, without compromising quality.

Lens of Life values you. Our services root out from our customer-centric value. Success comes from taking the time to understand your goals. Tell us what you hope to achieve and let us bring your vision to life!

multi-faceted angles

We take high-quality photographs for all kinds of events, ranging from private gatherings like weddings or birthday parties to big public gatherings such as corporate events, galas, award ceremonies, and music festivals. Lens of Life has trusted experience in events photography, and is continuing widening its scope to better tell stories of your personal or corporate events!


order process

We make the order process seamless on your end. Our order process features flexible and fully customizable packages to ensure that what you get is specifically tailored to your unique events photography needs. 


Let us handle your photography needs - simply describe your events to us, and we’ll handle the rest!

fast turnaround time

In Lens of Life, we value your time. Project completion is a breeze because of easy scheduling and quick turnaround. We make sure to deliver your photos and videos; we operate at peak efficiency. 

We guarantee to bring out breathtaking photos and videos of your project. Every shot counts!


Our commitment is to deliver high-caliber photos and videos that you can confidently flaunt. That is why we ensure that the photos and videos that we capture have the best quality to best fit your magical stories of love.


Allow us to take breathtaking images that showcase the most important aspects of your stories and memories. Capture your day, your memories, and tell a story about your special day, a day worth-remembering!

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